Monday, April 30, 2012


We made a bit of a spontaneous decision to go on vacation.  We realized that with pregnancy we needed to go now, or else I'd be too big and uncomfortable to go.  So booked a hotel and off we went to San Diego.  We had so much fun!  It was wonderful to spend time together.  It was fun to do a trip just us three before Maizy comes.

I'll try to not post TOO many pictures and just put up my favorites. 

 On the pier.
 We met up with my sister and her sweet little family.

 Morning snuggles
 Such a good car traveler!

 Breakfast...too happy!
 Seaport Village

 Resting our tired feet
 Why yes he needed two drinks, milk and juice

 A growl is what we get now when ever the camera comes out.  Silly little boy.
 There were tire tracks in the sand.  Croix loved them and ran all along them calling them choo choo tracks.

 Oh that look!
 Surprisingly difficult to get this shot, with my big belly!

 Building sand castles was a hit!

 Love those little fingers and toes!

 Enjoying the heated pool at the hotel.
Lounging in a cabana, it was a delightful as it sounds!

My my bump!

 Night view from the hotel
 Bedtime stories.

Croix did really well.  We had to go back to pull ups after a few potty problems.  Not that he's to be blamed too much, he was strapped in a car seat, or far from a bathroom.  He took a couple naps.  He went to sleep in the same room as us.  Even slept in the car a few times.  My pregnant self did well.  Despite lack of nutritional information my blood sugar levels were always good. (diabetes and vacation and eating out is such a pain!)  Brent did well tolerating his toddler child and pregnant wife and our "high maintenance" needs of resting our feet, naps, snacks, and countless potty breaks.  On the drive home Croix fell asleep, we had a full tank of gas so we just drove straight through, no stops.  (a small miracle on my bladders part)  When we got home my feet were so swollen!!  They hurt so bad!  I guess there is a reason they say to get out and walk around every couple hours when pregnant and traveling.  They were still swollen the next morning.  As wonderful as a vacation was, it's always so nice to be home and back in our own beds and routine.
Next big adventure baby Maizy!!

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Elizabeth Farnsworth said...

What a fun trip! We did the same thing before Carter was born and we were so glad we did. Next time come to Sea World in Texas! ;) I am glad your are feeling pretty good and you look so dang cute! Can't wait to see pics of Little Maizy!