Monday, April 30, 2012

Gestational Diabetes

Well it's official, I have gestational diabetes (GD).  So far it has been very manageable.  It seems like, within reason, I can eat whatever I want.  My sugar levels have all been good except when I've been seeing what I can get away with.  Since my sugar levels have been good I don't have to test four times a day any more.  Just random fastings, and randomly after meals.  I still have to count my carbs.  I can't eat whatever I want, no cookies, brownies, bowls of cereal etc.  I can still feel my blood sugar drop if I don't eat a snack.  But since I've done this before I've been pretty good at keeping my levels where they should be.  Come about 36 weeks I'll have to start testing more often again because the placenta will be bigger, which makes it harder to control sugar levels.

Because of GD I have to go to the Dr. every week for a non stress test (NST) where they monitor contractions, and baby's heart beat and an ultra sound to monitor baby's growth.  Those will be followed by a visit the the Dr. or Midwife.  Typically with GD they want you to do a NST twice a week.  I asked if, since I have a toddler I'll have to find a babysitter for, and live 30 minutes away if we could be ok with just once a week.  Thankfully they agreed.  Thankfully I have good friends who will gladly take Croix for me.  Only 10 weeks left!

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