Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Croix had his first day of preschool yesterday. He was so excited! For about an hour before it started he kept trying to go out in the garage to leave. For days before hand he kept asking when he was going to school. This kids was so ready to start preschool! We talked about going potty at preschool and how he needs to put his clothes back on when he's done (he has a problem with stripping from the waist down and not putting his pants back on), about not picking his nose, making friends, listening. I worried how he would do socially, he's a little quiet until he feels comfortable around people.
That morning we loaded up his back pack with a paint shirt, an extra set of clothes in case of a potty accident and his bag of things about him. He was supposed to bring 5 things he likes to help everyone get to know him. He took:

1. A picture of his family. Because he loves his family and really really loves his sister.
2. A yellow car. Because yellow is his favorite color and he likes playing with cars.
3. A puzzle piece from a cars puzzle. Because he loves puzzles and cars.
4. The front of a Graham cracker box. Because they are his favorite snack.
5. An I spy book. Because he loves to read and really likes I spy books.

It was fun to talk to him and pick things out. I sent a little note in his bag with the list above. In case he forgot why he brought things.

When we got to school he was so ready to get to school he started off with out me. I was getting his backpack out of the car and he was heading to the neighbors!  I had to stop him, put his backpack on and send him toward the right house.

He looked so stinking big walking down the sidewalk all by himself. He didn't look back, probably wouldn't have cared if I had followed him in or not. We got inside and he went straight for the toys with out even so much as a glance my direction.

I talked to his teacher Mrs. Chelsea for just a second then went and gave him a hug and kiss and walked out.
It was a little sad. Not to leave him, but that he's getting so dang big!

Maizy and I headed out on errands. The minute I hit the Target parking lot she was awake wanting to eat. So we sat in the parking lot with the AC blasting and I nursed her. Then I made some returns picked up a few things we needed and headed to the mall.  I hit up like 5 stores, so quick and easy. From there we headed to Walmart followed by a drive thru Tropical Smoothie. I thought to myself how did I ever think errands were hard with one child, this is a piece of cake!

When I walked up to get him he was standing in the doorway holding a twizzler and hollers Mom I got one of these! Mrs. Chelsea said he did great. I asked him how preschool was and he said really good. When I asked him what they did he said, we ate snacks and did letters and there was a kitchen!
Later that afternoon we were talking about preschool and he said, I missed Maizy....and Mommy. It was sweet. He's too excited to go again tomorrow. I think instead of errands I'll be taking a nap!

PS, Maizy turned 2 months the same day. Someone please make my children stop growing so fast!!!!

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