Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Year Check Up

Croix's three year well visit went great. The pediatrician checked him over and said he is perfect. He's where he should be developmentally and is growing well. Here are his stats

Height:     37.5 in   between 25 and 50%

Weight:    29.1lbs   10 and 25%

That is consistent with where he's been pretty much his  whole life.
When it was time to check him out he climbed right up on the table and laid down. It was too cute! She did say she heard a small innocent heart murmur. But it seems fine we'll just keep an eye on it. She also said that his ears, nose, throat look typical of someone with allergies. While she was looking she noticed his ears were very waxy. So she pulled out a little thing and started digging wax out of his ears. You could tell by his expression it was rather uncomfortable but he was such a trooper and sat so still.

I'll write more about Croix and his giant personality in his birthday post :)


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