Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Hair Cut

Croix has the most unruly cowlicks. Lots of them. I decided to grow his hair out longer so that the hair will lay down rather than sticking straight up like it does most of the time. So his hair is in an in-between stage, it doesn't look so great at the moment but it will. Brent has been giving me a hard time about Croix's hair for a while and telling me I need to take him somewhere to get it cut. I finally gave in and we took him to Super Cuts (because I think its obscene to pay a lot of money for a kids cut). I told the girl I'm trying to grow it out longer because of the cowlicks it really just needs cleaned up around the edges. The girl pulled out the clippers and cut his hair WAY too short. And the line between long and short is too obvious and not straight at all! It is an awful hair cut! I ticked we spent a penny on it! Its worse then any hair cut I've ever given him! And now its just going to be that much longer for his hair to grow out! Sigh. Enough about the awful cut.

He liked the animal cape.

Croix did fantastic! He sat still, he listened and looked up or down when she asked. He was such a big boy! 

Even with a bad cut he still looks so handsome! Love that boy to pieces!!!!!

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Nicole said...

That is why you pay the extra money to go to a kids place! He looks good though.