Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two Month Check Up


I delayed Maizy's two month check up until the 24th so that we could do Croix's three year at the same time, one less trip to the doctor is always a good thing.

Height 22.25 in           25-50%
Weight 10lbs 3 oz       10-25%
Head 37.5 cm               95%

She looked Maizy all over and she looks great.  The doctor said she's perfect, but we already knew that.  She is smiling in response to things, and a beautiful dimpled smile.  She has  bright blue eyes that just sparkle when she's happy.  She is tracking voices and turning to check things out.  She can support her own weight on her legs for quite a while and holds her head up very well.  She likes to chill in the bumbo with us while we eat meals.  She smiles at and loves her big brother.  She's getting some more fuzz on her head, yay for hair coming in.  She's sleeping well at night, typically give or take an hour she's eating at 8PM 2 AM 6AM.  She is eating about every 3 hours during the day.  When she nurses and is done and pulls away she almost always has a happy smile for me.  She loves to be swaddled. She love when I tickle her lip and make all sorts of funny noises for her, yes I sound like an idiot but she loves it!

While we were there we tested her stool and she's still having bloody stool.  I knew it before they even came in and gave me the results.  Her poo is just still so slimy and not right.  And I had made some dairy free "feta" which was just tofu and other things.  That night she was super fussy.  So they said cut out soy and here's a sample of some super expensive formula (about $30 a can I calculated at 3oz a feeding it would be about $200 a month!).  I came home and held back tears, more food to cut out.  And even worse poor Maizy's insides are still being torn up.

A friend of mine has a little one about Croix's age who had the same issues.  On Monday I called her up and she said if she could give one word of advice it would be to go see a pediatric gastrointestinal (GI) specialist.  She said even if they say everything we're doing with the pediatrician is perfect continue what you're doing at least then we know that we are doing everything we can to help Maizy heal and be healthy.  That made perfect sense to me.  So I hung up the phone with her and called the specialist and scheduled an apt for Wednesday.

I had such conflicting fears about the appointment.  I was so worried he would say that the best thing for Maizy would be be to exclusively formula feed.  Yet a very small part of me almost hoped that was what he would say, no dairy or soy is hard.  And I felt guilty for even  feeling that.  In the mean time I learned soy is in everything.  Here are some things I found out soy is in:

Spaghetti sauce
Pam cooking spray
Vegetable oil
Soy sauce
Almost all crackers
Many breads
Italian dressing
And many many other things!


We love this little girl more and more every day!

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