Monday, August 20, 2012

Tummy Time

Croix is a big fan of tummy time, Maizy usually just tolerates it.  I do think having her big brother around during tummy time is a duel edged sword.  He helps entertain her, but he also smothers her (a problem we have been working on over here).  The other day he literally just rolled over her, he was laying on one side of her, rolled over her to the other.  Sigh that child. 

 Oh how I adore this photo
 He "gently" touches her face and talks to her.
 She's trying to eat her hand
 BOTH of them with their hands in their mouths!  (Not staged at all, candid shot)

 Look how strong she is!
 Did I mention he likes to smother  her.
 Showing her puzzle piece.
 She's my happy girl!

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