Monday, August 20, 2012


I feel like I'm at my max stress limit today.  My house is beyond a disaster.  Because I took naps (yes multiple) this weekend.  I had every intention of doing some major cleaning but alas sleep won, and then won again, and again.  Although I'm feeling more refreshed I can't go anywhere in my house with our facing a major mess.  I feel  a little overwhelmed and like I don't even know where to start.  The dishes that are over flowing?  Or the 10 loads of laundry that are all in some stage of needing done, some need washed, others folded, other just need put away, but they are all mounted together against me.  The dinning room table has a weekends worth of food smeared all over and the floor beneath has enough crumbs to create a small "sand box".  The living room has just about every toy out.  All this needs done, plus more.  I had made plans to meet friends at the library this morning since I had things on hold needing picked up and books that were due.  But instead of being able to clean up a little this morning and then go I was on the phone or computer all morning working on things for our short sale.  Stressfull things!  It took much longer to get everything done I needed too.  The realtor took longer to respond then I anticipated.  What I thought would take a quick 30ish minutes took nearly two hours.  I felt horrible as we didn't make it to the library before our friends left (thankfully other friends met us there).  I hate when people are flaky and there I was flaky! And of course It's been days and days and days since Croix has taken a nap so he was grumpy and crying and fighting me all morning long.  Maizy cried half the time we were at the library.  Croix made more of a mess with his lunch than he ate.  Sigh.  So now that both children are sleeping I'm taking a moment to breathe.  I read my scriptures, prayed (which I had yet to do today) and now a little blogging.  I needed to recharge before facing the house and kids when they wake up.  I might regret this at 10 pm when I'm still working on cleaning up the house (Because I'm not going to bed today with out everything done!) but for right now it's what I need to do!

PS  Have I mentioned it's a lot more fun to buy a home then to short sale!  Especially when the bank changes the rules on you and you have to scramble to try and figure out how to make this work!  But we scrambled over the weekend, I scrambled this morning, IT'S GOING TO WORK!

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