Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Shower

My dear friends Danita and Marilyn thew me a baby shower this weekend.  It was so fun to get together with people that I love and celebrate.  I did the same thing I did with Croix's shower (that I was going to make sure not to do) and brought my camera, and forgot to take pics during the shower.  So I don't have any pics of the actual shower, and guests, I do have some of the decorations, which were awesome! 

 Refreshments included mini cupcakes so this diabetic Mama could enjoy some!

 My Mom and I.
Marilyn, Danita, and Baby Gwen

It was a great shower.  It was so fun to get so many little girl things.  Oh it made me beyond excited!  I'm so thankful to Marilyn and Danita for throwing such a wonderful shower.  Thankful for all the generous gifts.  We're getting so ready to meet this little lady!

30 Weeks

I can't believe I'm already at 30 weeks. With Croix it was about 32 weeks when I started feeling uncomfortable.  I've already hit that point.  My back gets sore faster, my feet and hands swell up,  over all just feeling pregnant.  The worst is ever since Sea World I feel like the front of my pelvis has already seperated and is now grinding aginst it's self.  It wakes me up at night when I try to roll over.  Pretty painful.  Maizy is getting more active, still hasn't reached my ribs : ).  Despite typical pregnancy discomforts most of the time I'm feeling good. It's usually just in the evening, or if I've been on my feet a lot that I start to really get uncomfortable.  A hot bath always helps.  IF I remember to do it, yoga is also super helpful.  I need to be better about doing it daily and taking care of myself better!  We're in the home stretch here!  Can't wait for this little lady to get here!

Gestational Diabetes

Well it's official, I have gestational diabetes (GD).  So far it has been very manageable.  It seems like, within reason, I can eat whatever I want.  My sugar levels have all been good except when I've been seeing what I can get away with.  Since my sugar levels have been good I don't have to test four times a day any more.  Just random fastings, and randomly after meals.  I still have to count my carbs.  I can't eat whatever I want, no cookies, brownies, bowls of cereal etc.  I can still feel my blood sugar drop if I don't eat a snack.  But since I've done this before I've been pretty good at keeping my levels where they should be.  Come about 36 weeks I'll have to start testing more often again because the placenta will be bigger, which makes it harder to control sugar levels.

Because of GD I have to go to the Dr. every week for a non stress test (NST) where they monitor contractions, and baby's heart beat and an ultra sound to monitor baby's growth.  Those will be followed by a visit the the Dr. or Midwife.  Typically with GD they want you to do a NST twice a week.  I asked if, since I have a toddler I'll have to find a babysitter for, and live 30 minutes away if we could be ok with just once a week.  Thankfully they agreed.  Thankfully I have good friends who will gladly take Croix for me.  Only 10 weeks left!

Sea World

Sea World was such a blast!  Croix loved checking out all the animals.  We loved seeing him so stinking excited!  It was long day full of lots fun.