Monday, March 18, 2013

California Date Night

We went to dinner the same place we dined 8 years ago the night Brent proposed.  It was fun to sit in the same restaurant as we did right before we officially decided to spend the rest of eternity together. They did not have creme brulee and I really wanted some for dessert, so we walked down the street a little to another restaurant to see if they had any. They did, but were already closed. They went above and beyond, not only did they serve us despite being closed they brought out roses and a candle to the table! So we enjoyed a wonderful dessert next to a cozy fire!

After two days of amusement parks I literally hurt everywhere, even my hands, I'd never felt so old!!  Showering was as ready as I was getting for our date, Brent must love me a lot!  I had wet hair, and no makeup.  As we walked from one restaurant to the other I was shivering because I was cold.  My love put his arms around me to keep me warm.  On the way there I said it was a good thing Brent wanted to go on this date so bad, and that I love this sort of romantic sweet thing so much, because under no other circumstances would I have left the house as tired as I was.  As we rode back home Brent asked me if it was worth it.  I said it was worth every shivering step!  And it was. We made memories that will last a lifetime, ones we will tell our Grandchildren about some day.  We had a moment that doesn't happen to real people, that kind of stuff only happens in movies!  Eight years ago I wouldn't have thought it possible but now I realize how little my love for Brent really was.  It has grown so much over the past eight years, through all we have experienced together.  I'm so glad I made the best decision of my life that night.  Eternity is not long enough to spend with him!  He is the best thing in my life!  Oh how I love him.  More then I can put into words!!

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