Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sewing Class

My old ward (Ellsworth) is doing a sewing class.  I'm still in the loop enough that I'm able to attend the classes.  I finished my first project, a pair of pajama pants.  I decided to make them for Croix since I've been making baby legs for Maizy.  I let him pick out the fabric and he picked out a pirate print.  I was able to cut them out at class and sew most of them.  I had to measure Croix before I could finish.  When we woke up the morning after my class I was going to the bathroom and he came in and put the fabric, including the almost completed pants on the floor and says, Mommy you forgot to make my pajama pants!  I showed him how close they were to being done and told him I needed to measure him before I could finish them.  He then told me I needed to finish them that day!  I had enough fabric left over to make him an eye patch.  He loves them!  Wore them the whole day.  I love that he loves them!!  I'm so excited to continue learning how to sew better!  I have way too many crafts in mind!

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