Sunday, March 17, 2013


In the spirit of keeping up and then catching up, today we went to the zoo (Thursday).  My brother and nephew were going to go to the museum with us, but my friend invited us to go to the zoo.  Since the weather is awesome we decided to go to the museum another day.  It was a little crazy because of spring break, but manageable.  We had lots of fun looking at all the animals.  Croix and Seth had a great time!  After we had been there a while and started to get warm we hit up one of the splash pads.  (Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures)

 photo 2013-03-14_11-04-25_316_zps0a60c194.jpg

Just because it's so stinking cute, here's the back of Maizy's swim suit!

 photo 2013-03-14_11-05-38_680_zpsdefc3bf8.jpg

She had fun splashing in the water.

 photo 2013-03-14_11-08-41_185_zps1687995b.jpg

Croix thought it was so fun too. Although he did not like the cave!

 photo 2013-03-14_11-09-37_761_zpsd29ad60c.jpg

Seth loved everything about it!

 photo 2013-03-14_11-09-54_901_zpse427c94c.jpg

They love each other!

 photo 2013-03-14_11-12-33_252_zps06eb16f1.jpg

 photo 2013-03-14_11-14-55_489_zps0011194b.jpg

It was warm enough I even went for a walk through the water!

 photo 2013-03-14_11-20-57_861_zps5c2aa0df.jpg

While the boys played at the little farm park Maizy ate some baby food, it was all she would eat. She refused her bottle the whole time we were there. She also only slept for fifteen minutes from when she woke up until three in the afternoon!! She didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way home! Little turkey! She was exhausted!!!

 photo 2013-03-14_12-09-56_225_zpsba3a0be9.jpg

There were these giant birds that look like over sized pelicans. We never did figure out what they were.

 photo 2013-03-14_12-48-41_17_zps7b49452b.jpg

 photo 2013-03-14_12-56-20_526_zps53742d3d.jpg

Our single stroller works for two kids quite well. Especially since they love each other so much!

 photo 2013-03-14_13-38-47_295_zps58bf507d.jpg

I was trying to get Maizy to look at me by saying her name. Croix, trying to be helpful turned her head for her. She was not a fan.

 photo 2013-03-14_13-38-55_340_zps02fdf589.jpg

We stopped at Brent's work on the way home so say hi to Daddy, since he works just across the street from the zoo. By time we got home we were all wiped out! It was a long hot day at the zoo. But so much fun!

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