Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break Splash

Croix is on spring break, from preschool.  Not such a big deal but I still wanted to do some fun things.  Today we went over to Grandma Marilyn's and brought our sprinkler.  We played in the water and blew some bubbles.  Croix loved it!  He was laughing and giggling.  Maizy was not a fan of the sprinkler and would cry every time it hit her. I moved her just out of it's reach and she was happy to watch.  I also picked her up and went through a few times to keep her cool, she didn't mind that at all.  Croix and I had fun running through together.  It makes me so anxious for our grass to grow.  We just put down seed on Wednesday and I don't think it can grow fast enough!!  then we won't have to go anywhere to have a little water fun!

After a while Croix got cold, he is so my child.  So we just laid on a towel in the sun.  Brent came over after he got off work and played with us for a minute.  Then he and Croix went grocery shopping while I put Maizy down for her 3rd nap.

Brent and I are about to head out to a concert, Seconds to Breathe.  We have a baby sitter, who is not family, coming!  We really need to do this more often!  I'm excited!  In preparation for our date I.....took a nap!  LOL  Bet you thought I was going to say got my hair done, or did my nails, got a new outfit.  Nope!  This old lady needed a nap!  The band doesn't go on stage until 9:45!  Well we're off to have a fun night!

PS, I'm not ready for it to be summer yet!  It's 80 in my house right not :P

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