Sunday, March 31, 2013

Table Hammock

A friend posted a picture of her girls in a table hammock and I thought it was the greatest idea!  Then I forgot about it.  Thankfully she posted another cute one on Instagram and reminded me of her brilliance!  She had used a woven baby wrap, my wrap is knit.  But a sheet is woven, and as a massage therapist I have about a thousand sheets.  So we made a table hammock.  It's been up on our table for a few days.

 photo Everyday115_zpsa290939d.jpg photo Everyday116_zps88300d7a.jpg

With blocking skills like this he should be in the NBA!

 photo Everyday123_zpsbf849402.jpg

 photo Everyday132_zpscfc5cee3.jpg

Big brother and her thumb and that little girl is happy!

 photo Everyday410_zps66160df3.jpg photo Everyday411_zpsba397f31.jpg

I loved their little feet together!

 photo Everyday414_zps76ebca98.jpg

We kind of love it.

 photo Everyday415_zpsf50cdf9a.jpg

I say we because the three of us have spent some quality time in there, reading books and snuggling.

 photo Everyday416_zps1ca09274.jpg

I love the simple joys!

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