Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today has been a great day, minus the headache I've been fighting all day. Brent worked some overtime. Croix woke up bright and early so I did what any responsible parent who stayed out to late the night before would do. I turned on Netflix and went back to bed and went back to sleep until Maizy woke up! We had a good lazy morning of stories games and imagination. When Brent got home we went to downtown Mesa for a really cool festival. It was lots of fun. Our friends met us there and Croix had a blast running around with them. We built legos, made instruments, and experimented with all sorts of things they had.

Then this afternoon I had a 90 minute hot stone massage followed by a pedicure. Brent got a groupon for me and pestered and pestered me until I booked it. I love that he loves me enough not only to get it for me but also to make sure I use it! It was a great massage (which being a therapist is hard to fine) and a nice relaxing pedicure. The headache never went away. After the massage it was worse. By time I got home I decided it was a migraine. I'm pretty sure it's from too little sleep, (up till almost 1 last night, Maizy was up for a while at 5 and Croix was up at 7) and not enough water. I ate some dinner when I got home and tried to sit as still as possible. We were watching our friends little boy and when they got here I should have laid on the couch but I got up and acted fine. Why?!? What would have been wrong with laying there? I'm weird. Anyway after they left I was going to go to bed. I went to mark off my goals for the challenge and realized I was just a little short on water and needed water for my headache anyway, so I chugged a glass. Then remembered I was 1 serving of veggies short. So I chugged a glass of V8. Then I threw up! What a crappy end to a great day. I'm praying it was just from the migraine and not a flu bug. I'm hoping for a full nights sleep and to feel better in the morning. I'm going to finish this "journal " entry, read my Scriptures, read my lesson for tomorrow and go to sleep!

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