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The next morning we let the kids Croix sleep in, Maizy woke up at 7 AZ time (6 CA time) the entire trip regardless of what time she went to bed).  Croix slept until 9:30!  I'm pretty sure he would have kept on sleeping if Maizy hadn't needed to go down for a nap.  When Croix finally woke up and he and Jon had matching PJ's.

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We finally got loaded in the car and made our way to the park.  It was forcasted to rain all day and was already raining, so we stopped at walmart on the way to pick up some ponchos.  They were out!  So we hit up Sports Authority, they were out of the cheap ones!  But we have coverings from the rain.  They ended up being so handy.  It was pouring when we got there.

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None of the rides were running because it was raining. I prayed really hard that we would be able to ride some rides, Croix was so excited about the rides! In the mean time we went to a little area where Croix could build with legos.

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I think he could have stayed there the whole time (But I also thought that about the entire park, every time we had to leave one area and go to another I thought but he loves this so much, I think he could stay here all day!)

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Croix got to go to driving school and get a drivers license. It was pretty hilarious watching him try and drive that car!

He started driving and then drove straight into the middle!

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He finally go tthe hang of it after a while and managed to drive around the whole track, once!

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When we got to the top of this big slide Croix said he was scared and didn't want to go.  I kind of forced him!  I said I'll hold your hand the whole time, and I did.  He did fine and had fun!

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HE went on this ride, that I fibbed and said he was 4 so he could ride it. Then i was a little anxious that maybe I shouldn't have done that, what if he fell off! He looked so bored the whole ride (minus this moment when he rode past us and flashed a bored smile)! No need for concern!

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I told him that's where bad people used to do time outs, that's his sad time out face!

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There was a giant dinosaur egg, so he climbed in and pretended to be a baby dinosaur!

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Penny pressing was cool

 photo 2013-03-07_11-38-38_3_zps44edad64.jpg

This guy freaked Croix out, I had to go stand next to him with Croix, he wouldn't leave my side!

 photo 2013-03-07_12-52-57_767_zpsda9715d1.jpg

Croix's expression here is priceless

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We had so much fun at Legoland! Croix loved it so much more then Sea World. In fact funny thing. First thing when we get to Sea World Croix spotted a map and insisted he needed to look at it. We went over to the map and he looks at it and says...."Hummm...Where's Legoland on here?". He was more excited for Legoland and lived up to all his expectations! I was so impressed with how brave he was! He went on a roller coaster, a real roller coster! When I asked him waht he thought he said, "it was a little scary, but I liked it".  He is definitely my child!  He went on the roller coaster with Brent, I went on it with Crystal and I was shocked after riding it that he didn't come off crying, it was intense (at least for a three year old)  with drops and banks and jerks.  Such a brave boy.  When I was on rides with him and he'd start to seem scared I'd just go WOOO and he would start smiling and laughing.  The rain only lasted a little while and ended up being perfect!  There were no crowds.  Sometimes we walked right up and onto a ride.  When it was done the operator would ask if we wanted to ride again because there was no line.  I think we rode every ride Croix was tall enough to ride!  It was so perfect!  It was an awesome day!

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