Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We went up to Prescott for Thanksgiving.  The kids did well on the drive.  It was most of my family's first time meeting Maizy.

We went to the  Prescott Resort to check out the gingerbread village.  It has a train that drives through it so Croix loved it.

 photo Thanksgiving1_zpsbc6b9c52.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving7_zps008dd6c8.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving14_zps269204f9.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving19_zpsfc10840d.jpg

Then we went outside and checked out the view.  Beautiful Thumb Butte.

 photo Thanksgiving23_zpse130c681.jpg
Then we went to my Grandma and Grandpa Welker's for dinner.

Croix found a fun play place, underneath my Grandparent's deck.

 photo Thanksgiving24_zps3edb1e89.jpg

Seth joined in the fun.  I love this shot with Seth, Croix, and Jon up top.

 photo Thanksgiving25_zpsf0ca35ad.jpg

Jon had fun hanging out with his big cousins.

 photo Thanksgiving34_zpsfa4da404.jpg

Croix loved all the dirt!

 photo Thanksgiving38_zps2ad306a9.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving50_zps10d53388.jpg

Then we all sat down to eat, although this was far from all the extended family.

 photo Thanksgiving40_zps21c78740.jpg

This picture made me laugh.

 photo Thanksgiving79_zpsfb3076c9.jpg

Croix after playing in the dirt.

 photo Thanksgiving81_zps1ca109c4.jpg

All boy right here!

 photo Thanksgiving83_zpsff013053.jpg

Daddy helping him get cleaned up a little. His eyes here, melt me!

 photo Thanksgiving103_zpse1f65eb9.jpg

Aunt Chelsea and Maizy.

 photo Thanksgiving98_zpseff1287f.jpg

Then we played a little bocce ball.  Brent and I had never played before.  It was really fun!  There was one sad moment where someone had thrown a perfect ball, and Croix walked right in front of it! 

 photo Thanksgiving107_zpsc5fccc67.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving109_zpsae80e67b.jpg

Then we enjoyed some pie. 

 photo Thanksgiving115_zps7c7f55a3.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving118_zps9671499d.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving112_zps8eda0c66.jpg

It made not breastfeeding, and being on the elimination diet easier to indulge in amazing food, especially desserts!  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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