Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Traning Game

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We've been planning on seeing a spring training game for a while.  Brent took the time off work, we had the tickets.  The big day was today.  Last night Croix threw up, a couple times.  And this morning, a couple times.  He had been pretty excited about the game.  I really wanted to go.  He rested all morning and clearly was not feeling well.  So we tried to sell the tickets.  We were unsuccessful.  So I was an awful parent and loaded my sick child in the car and drug him to a baseball game.  He and Maizy both slept on the way, a true testament that he was not feeling well.  We woke them both and got them out.  I didn't want Croix to have to walk in the sun.  We parked in the SRP (Brent's work) parking lot so we didn't have to pay for parking.  It was a bit of a walk so instead of putting Maizy in the wrap, I put Croix in.  Brent didn't think I could do it, but I did, no problem.  He rested his head on my chest, it was sweet.

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As we were walking up he said "this town is really brown"  Yep we live in the desert.  The a minute later he said something was fantastic.  I love his vocabulary.  Croix just sat on our laps.

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He wanted a snack so we got a pretzel, which he only ate two bites of.  Maizy had a great time.  She just looked at everything, and got a few fans herself.  I didn't think to bring a hat for her, but her flower was practically an umbrella right?

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Once we got settled in I started looking for the sunscreen and couldn't find it.  Brent had pulled a bunch of "unnecessary" stuff out of the diaper bag and quite a few necessary items didn't make it back in, like Croix's crackers (thus the pretzel) and Maizy's snack and sunscreen.  I went to the shop to try and buy some.  I had Maizy with me.  The lady at the check out told me they were out of sunscreen, had just sold the last one.  Then she looked at Maizy and asked, is it for her?  I said yes, her and my 3 year old and myself.  She pulled out her purse dug through it a minute and handed me a small sunscreen!  Perfect.  She didn't ask me to pay her, so kind.  I gave her a couple dollars anyway!  She saved us from some serous burns!

 We had some great seats!

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After about an hour Croix said he wanted to go home.  So we packed up. Before we left I wanted to get a picture of all of us.  I was using the front camera on my phone (I really need to start using my real camera again!  These crappy cell phone pictures documenting our lives and killing me!).  A kind lady asked if we'd like her to take a picture for us.  She took two!  I didn't even think to check if they turned out ok because really it's not that hard to take a picture on a cell phone, and she took two.  This was the better of the two.

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I'm thankful for her kindness, but I should have just done it myself!  Despite Croix being sick it was fun.  We'll have to try it again another time when we're all feeling 100%

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