Monday, April 1, 2013


Croix and Maizy are such good pals.  It's pretty amazing to me how well they get along, how much they both seem to adore each other.  If Croix is outside and Maizy is inside she stands at the sliding glass door and pats on it babbling away.  It is the sweetest/saddest thing ever!

 photo Everyday110_zps6e842921.jpg

On a side note, look at her lashes! Lucky girl!

 photo Everyday109_zpse4d49d84.jpg

This wasn't posed, happened all on it's own.

 photo Everyday106_zps99125e18.jpg photo Everyday104_zps17445348.jpg

Look at the rolls on her legs! I just squish them all the time!

 photo Everyday103_zps1e432cde.jpg photo Everyday99_zps288c8727.jpg

 photo Everyday96_zps5aa19b64.jpg

We are loving the fact that we have a back yard and are savoring every moment we can before the heat chases up indoors for the summer!

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