Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ballet Under the Stars

We went the Ballet Under the Stars last night.  It was such a fun night. The weather was perfect for enjoying a beautiful performance.  We love free family activities that enrich and add culture to our lives!

She was oh so happy to be outside enjoying the beautiful night.

 photo Ballet119_zps7d86a8e0.jpg

 photo Ballet0_zps3bfd7d5e.jpg

I put the together to try and get a picture. Croix tried to turn Maizy's head.

 photo Ballet14_zps037667e7.jpg

Which resulted in this.

 photo Ballet16_zps38984363.jpg

The he says "You said squeeze, I'm squeezing the ketchup" It was cheese not squeeze.

 photo Ballet17_zpsc7ee5b85.jpg

This is what I end up with.

 photo Ballet18_zpsc85d332b.jpg

 photo Ballet23_zpsa0401695.jpg

She makes this funny face all the time. It's almost a smile, almost pain. I think she's stretcheing her mouth/gums since she's teething.

 photo Ballet27_zpse2f69ac7.jpg photo Ballet35_zpseaa870d6.jpg

He really was as pained by my taking pictures as his looks...miserable I tell ya.

 photo Ballet43_zps99d42390.jpg

Then she dug through the diaper bag for a while to entertain herself.

 photo Ballet67_zpsbaeead5f.jpg

 photo Ballet70_zps4fe86c62.jpg

And she found her gluten free little puffs.

 photo Ballet75_zps35501cc3.jpg

Brent and Croix, and Croix and I did a lot of this....(do you spy them way in the background)

 photo Ballet60_zps3d65327f.jpg

Croix fell no less then three times. his knees look pretty beat up today.

 photo Ballet78_zps6be184ba.jpg 

He survived!

 photo Ballet83_zps6ada6a8f.jpg


She's getting so big

 photo Ballet86_zpsef6daeb0.jpg

There was dancning on the grass.

 photo Ballet89_zps25fee7e1.jpg

And snuggels with Daddy

 photo Ballet95_zps646cc9e8.jpg

And Mommy....some forced

 photo Ballet98_zps6baa7ca1.jpg

And some freely given

 photo Ballet99_zpse19804f2.jpg

The stage was beautiful

 photo Ballet103_zps5ff8633c.jpg

And in front of this gorgeous fountain.

 photo Ballet104_zps6b9b1614.jpg

 photo Ballet107_zps636301d5.jpg

Grandma Maldonado came

 photo Ballet109_zpsb0ff31d0.jpg

The ballet was beautiful and made me want to see Swan Lake performed by professionals.

 photo Ballet114_zps71f57ba6.jpg photo Ballet115_zps36efd500.jpg

It was a beautiful evening. Croix's preschool teacher showed up and with out even planning it sat right next to us. It was dark after she arrived and she had no clue who she sat next to until Croix started growling like a dinosaur. He continued to be a dinosaur until she left. Then he returned to Brent's lap and watched to performance. Maizy put up a fight but finally fell asleep in the wrap. They are both so tired today, but it was worth it! These are the perfect moments memory's are made of that last a life time.

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