Thursday, April 11, 2013

Say What Vol. 2

(this is an old draft)

"Mommy I want to take a nap in the car."  Of course he won't take a nap in the car or at home, even after saying that.

Brent has taught Croix to sing.  Paradise city.  The other day his preschool teacher told me he was singing "take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.  Oh won't you please take me home, yeah yeah."

Croix why is your shirt tucked into your underwear? Because it wants to do that.

Mommy, I need to see if the sky.  Why? So I can see if the sky is falling! I chuckel, Croix the sky isn't falling.  Yes Mommy, it's fall now that means the sky is falling!

We pulled out our old Nintendo, the old one, the original.  Croix lined all the game cartridges up on the tv stand and says "Daddy look at all my apps"

Out of the blue "I love my Daddy, I love Maizy I love my mommy."

We're going to get a big big house. With lots of wood things and lots and lots of flowers.

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Crystal-lynn said...

This is a Fantastic "Just You Wait..." kind of thing (I've seen a couple blog posts shared on FB about "Just Wait" negativity, & how it COULD be said in positive ways. Love.) ... I can't wait to have these kinds of things to write down & remember. :)