Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Croix was assigned the opening prayer in sharing time one Sunday. We talked about it a couple days a head of time.  Telling him  how he would get to say the prayer.  Asking if he remembered seeing kids say the prayer, and give talks, and scriptures.  How he would get to go to the front of the room. In front of everyone.  We tried to prepare him and help him mentally be ready.  Sunday came and we went into the primary room.  It was a little chaotic as they were trying to rearrange the chairs and Croix just sat down with his class.  After things had settled down a little I took him up to the front.  He sat there, stared straight ahead, deer in the head light look on his face.  Finally he glanced our direction and I folded my arms, he was a good little boy and did the same, still had a deer in the head lights look on his face.  Finally it was time for the prayer.  I walked up and took his hand, I was going to let go and put my arm around him, but he had a death grip on my hand.  So I held his hand in an awakward position.  I said "Go ahead......Dear Heavenly Father.....Croix can you say Dear Heavenly Father.....(he's still staring at everyone so I put my hand over his eyes thinking maybe if he couldn't see everyone it would help him relax and say the prayer).....close your eyes.....Dear Heavenly Father......."  Then I just went ahead and said the prayer.  Even after we were done he still clung to my hand until he was safely in his chair next to Sister Gabby.

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In the car on the way home I asked him why he didn't say the prayer in primary.  He said because all those people were there.  I told him they are all his friends.  He told me they are not.  I said oh yes they are they are all nice and your friends.  "Not those big kids, I didn't ask them to be my friend"  Well there ya have it.  It was sweet.  I hope he out grows it.  But over all for a three year old I think he did pretty well.  He sat up there by himself and went up to the podium with me.  That is better then I've seen some kids do :)

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