Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Book of Mornon

Croix and I have been reading The Book of Mormon for a while.  Just the Book of Mormon Stories actually

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We have really enjoyed reading the stories together.  We've discussed Gospel principles.  We've reenacted stories for family home evening. He has picked it off the bookshelf on his own, choosing to read it.  Once when I asked him if he wanted to read the Book of Mormon he said "Yeah!  The fighting one"  I laughed and prayed that he was getting something else from the stories besides the fighting.  We finished reading it tonight.  We read of Moroni's promise to know the truthfulness.  I bore my testimony to my sweet boy of it's truthfulness and my gratitude for it in my life.  Then we prayed together and thanked our Heavenly Father for the blessing of the scriptures in our lives.  It was a sweet moment. 

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Crystal-lynn said...

Dang you! I'm about to have to stop reading! Tears again! So precious. Hard to believe the immensity of being a mother, of teaching children ALL they need to learn. Love this. Another thing I'm looking forward to.