Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Love to See the Temple

I got to go to the temple today!!!  It has been a while, too long.  I swore after I had Maizy I would not take as long to get back to the temple as it had with Croix.  Well it took longer then I would have liked, but I got there sooner then I did with Croix!  A bonus of bottle feeding.  It was so so so wonderful to be there!  To not feel rushed to get home.  Oh how I needed to be in the temple.  The temple is such a wonderful place.  I was overwhelmed by my blessings.  And so grateful for the wonderful life I live.

It was sunny and beautiful as I headed in !

 photo IMG_20130409_143950_185_zpsbe035696.jpg

A little cloudy and windy when I came out.  So beautiful!

 photo IMG_20130409_160205_327_zps52552b21.jpg

And the flowers on the temple grounds are beautiful!

 photo IMG_20130409_160240_565_zpsfe73f403.jpg

Oh how I love the temple!  I also love that Brent not only watched the kids so I could go, but when he came home said, "when are you going to the temple?"  He didn't forget that I wanted to go.  He didn't complain that I was leaving the kids with him.  He didn't try and talk me out of going and staying to do something fun.  He made it possible for me to go and encouraged me to go.  It was actually him who reminded me that he had a little time off if I wanted to go!  Oh how I love that man! 

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Crystal-lynn said...

This post made me tear up just a little.... which is also making me laugh at myself, but... I'm so glad your wonderful husband helped you get back to the Temple. It truly is a great place to be.