Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today Croix had preschool at the park.  They had a sports day and did water balloons and races etc.  We walked over to the park, since it's just in our neighborhood.  On the walk home we Maizy and I passed these lovely roses.  And stopped to smell them, they were heavenly!  I really wished I'd had a paper and pen to leave a note on their door saying how beautiful their yard was.  They had lots of rose bushes that were so beautiful!

 photo PicsArt_1366327174274_zps34c52781.jpg

Then Croix spent 2.5 hrs of preschool at the park.  While he was at school my nephew Seth came over.  A friend called to see if we wanted to have lunch at the park...we did!  So we had lunch at the park and the kids played.  We headed home around 1:30.  Croix was outside for four hours!  By time we got home we were all rosie.

His cheeks and forehead are so pink!

 photo IMG_20130418_160025_243_zps00dd8986.jpg

That's not a white undershirt, that me, my skin where I pulled down my sweater to show off my sunburn!

 photo IMG_20130418_145318_755_zps92ef3614.jpg

Then at dinner time I noticed Maizy's knees were all red, from crawling around all day.
And the poor babe.  The top of her head where he hair is still thinner and swirls, it's pink too!

 photo IMG_20130417_212337_zps1c95816c.jpg

We had a rosie day!

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