Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Water Fun, Fun for One

It's been one of those days.  Where Croix just made mess after mess after mess.   At lunch he emptied his piggy bank and then zoomed the coins everywhere.  I told him he had to pick them up because it wasn't safe for Maizy.  He had to go potty.  So I left him off the hook while he went potty.  My Mom called and I kind of forgot about him in the bathroom.  When I remembered he had gotten water all over bathroom.  He had also gotten into the soap, which is getting to be all to common an occurrence lately.  I made him mop it up!
Then I made him pick up all his money.  
A little while later I hear him and Maizy laughing.  More soap in the bathroom.  It's a little difficult not to laugh at the bubble beards and hair but I maintained my composure.  We clean up.
A little while later I'm folding laundry and he just starts flinging laundry all over the house.  Time out number ???  for Croix today.
After dinner I HAD to get a shower HAD to. I was sweaty and smelly and gross. Brent had already left for scouts so I said to Croix "Can you play with Maizy for a minute while I shower really fast?" I was in the shower and remembered that I hadn't flipped the top lock on our door when Brent left. and started worrying that he was going to escape out the house. I was in the shower less then 10 minutes and came out to find our kitchen transformed into a pool. He had pressed the water on the fridge until the whole kitchen was flooded. He was rolling around on our floor naked "Swimming". Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad for him to escape out the front door! 
(And my floors had been mopped this morning so it wasn't even a bright side that my floors got a good mopping, they already had!)
I think I need to get a small pool for our patio!
 I'm so glad it's bedtime!  I'm also quite happy tomorrow is preschool!  Hurray!  I love that boy to death but man he can be a handful!

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