Thursday, April 4, 2013


So after I posted how much I hate teething it became evident that Maizy's pain was not just teething.  She could not sleep. I would go on and comfort her bounce her back to sleep on the exercise ball and she would wake up screaming (not crying screaming) after only 20 minutes.  So I put her in the wrap went and laid in the recliner and tried to sleep. She slept a little longer but not much.  So around 11:30 we headed to urgent care. The doctor confirmed my suspicion of an ear infection. I was thankful it was an ear infection and not another UTI. From urgent care we went to Walgreens to fill prescriptions. I got to bed well after 1AM. Brent was up coughing all night. At one point I told him he should call in sick the next day. Thankfully he did and I was able to sleep in a little. This morning Croix woke up at 5:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep. That's too little sleep two nights in a row! I'm tired! Yet thanks to our wellness challenge I'm sitting on the exercise bike! Have I mentioned I have a perfect score right now! I'm awesome right!?!

Last week Brent had gone to the Dr. about his cough. She asked him what he thought was going on and if he needed a prescription. Lame right? She sent him home with a Rx. So yesterday he went to a new Dr. we won't be seeing the one who wanted Brent to diagnosis himself anymore. He came home with a few Rx, no real diagnosis. Apparently coughs are hard to diagnoses. Today he was coughing so hard he threw his back out and couldn't move. I gave him a hot stone massage and sent him to the chiropractor. He is at least loving now. But still hobbling along. I took the sweeper part off of the broom for him to use as a cane. We went to his Moms for dinner so he could use her inversion table, we came home with a walker! Good heavens we're not THAT old yet!

Yesterday after a day and night full of holding Maizy and bouncing her on the exercise ball I was in lots of pain. I think I threw a rib out of place. Thankfully I feel a little better today. But I'm still pretty sore. I'll be headed to the chiropractor tomorrow!

Oh and tonight we got home from Corinne's and there was a plate of brownies and some coloring books on our doorstep! Too bad there wasn't a note. (If it was you thank you!)

Ok well I'm going to play words with friends for 5 minutes until my 45 minutes of exercise is up and then go crash!

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