Saturday, April 6, 2013


We went bowling in August.  Croix thought it was lots of fun.  Brent and I did too!  Maizy slept through most of it.  I was super impressed at how she slept though the bowling balls dropping on the ground.  She was only 2 months old, it was actually her two month birthday!  We had gone to this place in Gilbert that I heard was really awesome.  We got there and it was packed and really loud.  They had almost an hour wait, so we went to one closer to home, got right in and had lots of fun.

He thought that the control panel was a game he was playing.

kl; photo DSC_0919-1_zps91331dab.jpg

We used the little ramp for him, it worked great!

iop photo DSC_0921-1_zps67c1bb16.jpg

iop photo DSC_0925-1_zps21c4ee6a.jpg

I rocked Maizy with my foot.  She was so little!  Makes me a little sad, she's getting so big so fast!

kl;' photo DSC_0914-1_zps70bc7741.jpg iop photo DSC_0929-1_zpsdd8e4eb9.jpg

We got some french fries, the only thing on their menu I could eat.

iop photo DSC_0933-1_zps9c09fa7b.jpg

Because I was still nursing :)

iop photo DSC_0934-1_zps6799b058.jpg

He was having a great time.

iop photo DSC_0943-1_zps505a2646.jpg

Love his little face here.

iop photo DSC_0948-1_zps5609dd21.jpg

Never misses an opportunity to be a monkey with this child.

iop photo DSC_0956-1_zps09146092.jpg

iop photo DSC_0949-1_zps5e4dc1bb.jpg

Croix found these footprints on the floor and had to "match" them.

 photo DSC_0960_zpsae137ef0.jpg

Final score, Brent bowled for me while I fed Maizy, that's the only reason I did so well.

iop photo DSC_0965-1_zpsac6be2d1.jpg

Hurray for a fun family outing.

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