Monday, April 22, 2013


We had some friends over for dinner tonight.  We grilled and had corn on the cob, a quinoa couscous Greek salad, fruit salad, corn bread and for dessert homemade key lime pic and coconut ice creams!  Free point for sugar today!  It was heavenly!  Not eating sugar and then having it sure makes you appreciate it even more!  And homemade ice cream is a favorite of mine.  We had the Gunnells over and Heather and Chance Jensen.  All the kids got along great.  It was so so SOOOO nice to have a back  patio to eat on, grass for the kids to play in.  I loved it so much!  Living in a townhouse for 5 years really makes you appreciate a single family detached home.  The weather of course was perfect, love AZ this time of year.  It was so nice to have friends over, who's kids played with ours so we could enjoy adult conversation.  When ever I think about the Gunnells inevitable move I want to cry.  Sigh, it will come way too soon.  Totally going to suck when my best friend and Croix's best friends move away.....but that is not what this post is about, it's about the lovely evening we had with our friends.

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Heather said...

Bless you! We had a wonderful time too and need to do it more often. It is rare when everyone gets along so swimmingly. Thanks for hosting! And fingers crossed that we match here in Phoenix and get to stay. :)