Sunday, April 7, 2013


I consider myself to be a feminist.  I don't know exactly that it means. 

Feminist is described this way.


adjective Sometimes, fem·i·nis·tic.
1.  Advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.
2.  An advocate of such rights.
For me I guess it just means that I feel women should be treated with as much respect and dignity, as men and we should be valued the same in the contribution we make to society, including the contributions made in the home.  Maybe especially the contributions made in the home!
Yesterday for the first time ever a woman said a prayer I. general conference. I was pretty excited when they announced a woman would be offering the closing prayer.  I posted something on facebook about how much I enjoyed the morning session and how exciting it was that a woman offered a prayer in General Conference.  I had someone comment on my status, a fellow LDS woman, and I felt chastised and as thought I in some way wasn't as faithful as her because I thought this was exciting.  She on the other hand "had never even noticed".  That's great she never noticed, but I was irritated at her comment.   I wasn't saying that women should hold the priesthood, or be bishops, or give blessing or pass the sacrament!  Nor do I think that any of those things should happen.  I don't doubt the Gospel, not for one second!  My testimony was not shaken or lessened because I had noticed that a woman had never prayed in General Conference.  I was excited because a woman did something for the first time in the  history of the world!  To me that is exciting.  I had other women say they didn't really care.  Well that's totally fine that they don't care!  I still think it was exciting.  
I have more I could say on this topic.  But I'm not exactly what my feelings are on some things, or how to state things.   But this I do know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves me and his infinite atonement is the core of my testimony and the driving factor in my life.  My Heavenly Father (and Mother) love me more then I can comprehend and I pray that I can remember their love, my worth, and live up to my potential.  The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and led by a living prophet Thomas S. Monson.  My family and the Gospel are the most important things to me.

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Nicole said...

I had never noticed before either, but when I heard that a woman was going to pray I too was excited. It is a cool thing that we are making changes and that woman are doing more things in our church.