Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Big 30

Turning 30 is a big deal right? Didn't feel like such a big deal to me. In fact I kept forgetting my Birthday was even coming. On my Birthday I thought, humm maybe I should have done something special the last day in my 20's. Not that it was out of the ordinary special , but it was special. I spent the morning with Brent in our birthing class preparing for Maizy's birth. We spent the afternoon with Croix. That evening we went and captured beautiful moments for maternity pictures (can't wait to share). It was a nice day.

My actual Birthday was also simple and nice. Church, I even taught but there were only 12 kids there because of the holiday so class was much nicer. Family time with my boys and mother in law. A few phone calls from dear loved ones. And so many birthday wishes on Facebook. Yep it was nice I felt loved!

I think 30 would have felt like a bigger deal if I were wondering what I had done with my life. But I feel quite content with life and where I am. Rather then this huge day that caused some urges to go do new exciting things I've never done I felt blessed. I've done a lot in my 30 years and my life is full and good. I have no doubt the next 30 years will provided even greater joy and learning!

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