Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shaving Cream

The other day we hit up the dollar store to find some fun. I forgot what a treasure trove the dollar store can be! They had a whole educational section where I picked up a few things. One thing we got was some shaving cream. I got some die cut shapes. We invited some friends over. I put the shapes on cookie sheets and covered them with the shaving cream. Then we let the kids go crazy and find the different shapes, draw, paint themselves, and of course splatter and fling shaving cream all over! I learned we need MUCH less shaving cream them I thought! This was another great activity to help with Croix's fine motor skills.

Max was not so sure about it.

Kate dug right in.

And Croix was all over this activity (or the activity was all over him!)

Covered head to toe

I think next time this will be a bath tub activity!  At least it was very easy to clean up!

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