Wednesday, May 2, 2012


One day when Croix and I were bored and hanging out in my room I decided to help grow Croix's imagination skills. We got in the bed,  pulled the covers over our heads and went on an adventure. Croix has started calling it a tunnel. So we'll be hanging out and he'll say let's go in a tunnel! So we go hop in bed go in our tunnel  (pull the covers over our heads) to some exciting place. We go to the mountains and see snow, bears and deer. We go to NYC and see big buildings, people dancing in the street, lots of yellow taxis, subway rats and subway trains. We go on safari and see elephants, lions, zebras and all sorts of exciting animals. Croix's favorite place today go has always been the beach. It's fun to hear him remember things from when we went and add those in. I love that sometimes we start out going to the mountains and end up being bears. I love to see his imagination working as he adds little details to our adventures. I never want to forget his sweet little voice saying lets go in a tunnel with excitement. And how nice it is to be close to him snuggeling, playing and imagining. I love this fun age!

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