Friday, May 25, 2012

Old friend

As different as this pregnancy has been from Croix's there are some things that are the same, and unfortunately too familiar. Fertility treatments, gestational diabetes, and now once again pelvic rest.

After some sexy time with my hubby I had contractions like crazy, for days. The normal warm bath didn't help. They were stronger then braxton hicks. I was concerned. So once again at my weekly check up they checked my cervix. I was worried with all the contractions I'd had I would be dilated and put on bed rest. So I was beyond happy to hear her say nothing was changed! Having been concerned about bed rest pelvic rest was happy news! (No way Brent agrees) I thought at least it's just three weeks. Last time it was 19. Then I though that again, three weeks! Holy cow that is soon. I just have three weeks to be at 37 weeks which is full term.

I've made a mental list of things that need to be done. I feel a little panicky,  like there's not enough time, even though I know there is. Can we say nesting has kicked in! Time to get busy on my list to get everything ready for this little lady!

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