Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Back when I threw Brent a party for his 30th, a big surprise party with friends, I told him "Don't worry about planning my 30th for me, I want to do it!  I want to be in charge of decorations, and refreshments, and know who's invited."  Little did I know that I would be 8 1/2 months pregnant, and tired, and have gestational diabetes.  Some how my birthday snuck up on me.  I completely dropped the ball on having a party.  I decided that was ok, I'd just invite a few people over and call it good.  Well even that I waited till the last minute, on a holiday weekend.  One friend, and her family came, and my mother in law.  I was determined to have cake and ice cream for my birthday.  I searched low/no carb recipes and found some that sounded good.  I made ice cream and frosting, and just went for a Betty Crocker cake mix.  The frosting and ice cream were no carb and the cake was all the carbs I could have.  It would work perfect.  The ice cream tasted weird.  The frosting did not turn out at all.  It was liquid.  I don't know if it was from the sugar substitute or what but it wasn't working.  I was on the verge of tears.  I had a "genius" idea, I had sure jell (the stuff you use to make jam) in my pantry, surely that would thicken it up!  So I pour it in there.  It sort of worked,  it became more of a pudding consistency then a liquid which was an improvement.  I dip my finger in and taste a little, it's a lot sweeter.  I thought crap!  I check the box to see the ingredients and number one is dextrose, a sugar.  Top it off there is no nutrition information on the box.  So I just took my sugar/carb free frosting and poured sugar in it.  Awesome!  I went upstairs and took a breather.  Told myself it was not worth crying over.  the day before we had done maternity pictures.  I had a perfect location picked out.  When we got there, there was no tresspassing signs up.  We had timed it just perfect to get amazing sunset shots.  Which left no time to scout out a new location.  We literaly just went across the street to some random neighborhood, and a dirt field (where I was throwing trash out of shots).  I was thinking about how the day before had fallen apart and not been what I wanted at all.  Now my birthday food was a disaster.  Some how I held it together.  Didn't cry, just pouted for a minute then went back downstairs and finished celebrating.  No one ate the ice cream.  I, being sugar deprived didn't think it was too bad, but everyone else thought it was too gross.  SOOO glad I doubled the recipe so there would be enough for everyone!  Gah!  I decided I get a do over.  We're going to celebrate properly after I have this little lady.  We celebrated Brent's 30th birthday a month early because I was threatening preterm labor (thankfully so since Croix came almost a month early)  we can celebrate my 30th birthday a month late because of a baby!

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Just US said...

Celebrating once this newest little ones is in your arms sounds like a fabulous idea! Then you can hold a sweet, tender baby, have your cake and eat it too! :)