Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well I finally got a smart phone and I feel a little like a cool kid. I also feel a lift bit like a dork admitting this. But seriously! It's pretty cool! It's like a small computer! I ended up getting a Droid and so far I love it! It can do so much!

One day we were going to a friends for a playdate. A friend of the Mom had gotten in a car accident so she left to go pick her up. She ended up not being there when we got to their house. I had an errand to run near by but I didn't know where the office was I needed to go to. I pulled out my phone. Googled the guys name, got the address, put it in my navigation and my phone lead me right there! I'm a total nerd but I thought, "that was awesome!"

It's also fun to play games with my friends. Like hey, I'm as cool as you so I can play this fun game with you.

It was also so great to have at the Dr. I could read my Scriptures while strapped to the Non Stress Test. It's awesome to have my Scriptures and General Conference talks with me wherever I go!

This phone is still smarter than me. I still haven't figured out how to do everything. But I've got the essentials down and I'm learning. You know Croix has already figured out how to get into apps and play the ones for him and get into YouTube and Netflix and watch videos. How a 2 yr old can do that is amazing to me.

Right after I got this phone I read this article. (Everyone should take a minute and read this ENTIRE article, its not just about smart phones) The timing was perfect, inspired even. I'm making sure my phone is not becoming a new appendage. It's all about balance right! ?!

*disclaimer* I still think you are cool if you don't have a smart phone!!!!! And i in no way am trying to say you are uncool!

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