Thursday, May 17, 2012

Culture In The Cultural Hall

Our ward had a culture party last week. Brent was on the committee in charge (because you know us Mormons, we love our committees). He went early to help set up leaving me to get our potluck dish and Croix ready. I realized how much he helps, with out me having to ask and direct him. He just jumps in and does a great job of being a Dad and Husband.

The food was great, most of it. There were some dishes that were definitely outside of my American pallet. I was cursing my gestational diabetes as I longingly passed by most of the desserts. I did have, part of a slice of cake. How much longer do I have?

One sister brought cupcakes in ice cream cones with frosting on top so they looked like ice cream cones. Croix couldn't wait to get his hands on one once he did he turned into an instant adorable mess. He had so much fun running around with all the other kids and playing the games. At one point he ran past us saying "Having so much fun". It made me grateful for a church that focuses so much on family, because as I sat there watching Croix brim over with happiness playing with all the kids my heart brimmed over with love for my family.

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The Kleyn Family said...

You're so inspirational! You are so fantastic at finding the simple, small joys of being a mom and wife! You're a great example--so happy I get to follow your blog and learn from you!! :-)