Monday, May 7, 2012

Long Sunday

Yesterday was a long day! We got all ready for church, we were even going to be on time. We sat down to eat a quick lunch. Croix was just in his underwear and socks so as to not get his church clothes dirty. Thank goodness for that because he decided to paint himself with peanut butter and nutella. He was covered head to toe. His socks even got dirty, and I thought it would be safe to put them on! I left Brent to clean him up so I could go get us a seat with soft chairs because I'm too pregnant to sit on hard metal chairs! I get to church and sit down with a sigh. Our best efforts once again thwarted by Croix's naughtiness.

During testimony meeting one of the girls in my class bore her testimony. Her Mom shared her testimony right after her and said that her primary teacher had challenged her to bear her testimony and that was her first time. I sat there and smiled. I was that teacher. I thought about how hard my primary class is and it felt a lot more worth it at that moment.

I had to hold onto that moment once class started

We have 20 children in our primary class. Most of them are active and come every week. Yesterday we had 19 kids. One of them has downs syndrome. It is a challenge. Yesterday was super challenging. The kids were very talkative and rambunctious. They didn't want to listen. They knocked on the walls. They complained that class was boring, that they were hungry. Our sweet little boy with downs was a handful and multiple times I had to bring him back to his seat, chase him out the door and down the hall. On Saturday I stubbed my toe, bad. The nail cracked half way down my toe, it bled, it really hurt. Yesterday I was pulling someone's chair back into place, rather than the middle of the room where the child had decided it needed to be. In the process the chair and child landed on my injured toe. I almost screamed. I almost cried. I just sat there and ignored all the loud irreverent kids and took calm deep breaths. I thought of the sweet little girl bearing her testimony. I said a prayer to help me make it through the next hour.

Some how we all survived. I had zero tolerance for misbehavior in sharing time! And I kind of wanted to throw my crackers at the kids when I pulled them out to eat a snack (a necessity with gestational diabetes) and they start pointing and yelling she's eating! Thanks kiddos I'm trying to be discrete here. It was a long Sunday. I was exhausted by time I limped (literally) home. I went upstairs and took a long nap. I still woke up grumpy.

I love children. I love the kids in my class. I enjoy teaching. This might be the hardest calling I've had. It is definitely more for me than the kids. I am learning patience. I am growing. It is good for me.

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Emily said...

Oh Terina - I totally feel your pain, although I don't have anywhere near that many kids in my primary class! Primary is not my forte and I struggle every Sunday to endure it. Hang in there and hold on to that sweet testimony and I'll say extra prayers for us both! :D