Saturday, July 14, 2012


Everyone in my home was goupy. Maizy's umbilical stump fell off fairly early which can be normal, but then her belly button started bleeding.  A quick google search calmed my fears and told me this can be normal, especially when the umbilical stump falls off early. A call to the pediatrician confirmed this. Nothing to worry about just clean it with a Qtip and rubbing alcohol every morning and night. Her eye also got goupy, another call to the pediatrician determined it was a clogged tear duct, I was told to wash it with a warm wash cloth and massage it with every feeding. Goupy Maizy.

Brent had a cough that just wouldn't go away. He was coughing up all sorts of lovely flem. He finally went to the doctor and came home with antibiotics and inhaler. Goupy Brent.

Croix had a cough for about a week, it would mostly act up at night.  Then about day seven he started getting goupy eyes. (His long lucious eye lashes are awesome except when scrubbing eye goupiness out of them) Considering Brent had come home from the Dr. The day before with antibiotics and now Croix's eyes were goupy we headed in to the pediatrician where we were told he has a cold. Best part of this Croix likes to pick at and eat his eye goupies! So utterly disgusting!  Goupy Croix.

And me well I just had a baby so I still have postpartum bleeding. I am nursing and my boobs leak all.the.time! Maybe more leaky then goupy but, goupy me!

(At night when I was trying to sleep Maizy would be making all sorts of gassy newborn noises, Brent is making congested noises. Croix is coughing (which I can hear) and some how I was supposed to sleep through all of that and did!)

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