Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Fourth

It has been years since Brent and i have gone to watch fireworks. It's always been too hot, I've been too pregnant,  Croixs been too little, it was during the week so Brent would be up too late etc. But this year we figured Croix was old enough to stay up that late, it miraculously was cool, with a newborn we weren't going to sleep early anyway so lets go see fireworks! I only had one stipulation,  Croix had to take a nap. I could deal with sleep deprived Croix from being up late but not so sleep deprived from no nap AND staying up late on top of bad sleep myself from caring for a newborn.  We showed Croix YouTube videos to get him all excited and help encourage him to take a nap. We went to the park just before nap time so he could get out some energy,  but alas he did not nap. So we put him to bed early. I felt bad, and sad, I was looking forward to fireworks. Then Maizy was up half the night and Croix was up at 6:30 and I was SO thankful we had not stayed out late! Maybe someday when we don't have small children that require naps we'll go see fireworks again.

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