Saturday, July 14, 2012


I had my first outing with out the kids.(I do love being able to say kidS) It was oh so exciting, I went to the grocery store! I was craving carbs and didn't want to turn on the oven because it was already hot in my house. So as I left I said to Brent, bye I'll be back shortly with something very unhealthy for us. As I got to the store and was walking in I felt like I should have a T-shirt saying, "please excuse my appearance, I'm not normally such a scrub I just have a gassy newborn." I hadn't showered in a few days, had spit up on me, no makeup, hair was all sorts of awesome, you know the look.

Although I intended to get something naughty I did not intend to go as crazy as I did! I ended up getting a fruit tart, two eclairs, brownies, thin mints, toaster strudel, ice cream, and chips. At the check out I surveyed my loot and thought the cashier must think I'm a bulimic about to go binge and purge with all this crap! Have no fear I didn't eat it all at once, still have quite a bit of it left, and I've enjoyed every bite! On a completely unrelated not my skin has been breaking out. I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with my post gestational diabetes/nursing carb fest I've been indulging in. Rather it being caused by my  fluctuating hormones!  That's my opinion anyway!

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