Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Month Check-up

Maizy had her one month check up last week. She weighed in at 7.13 and 21 inches. Up two pounds and two inches. She's still in the 10th percent for her weight and 75th for her height. While we were there the pediatrician decided to check her stool for blood to see if she has a food allergy since she has been so fussy. She came back in and said Maizy tested strongly for an allergy. Which means I get to cut out dairy, casein, and whey from my diet.

I've been five days with out dairy. So far not so hard. Sprouts has lots of alternative non dairy options. The hard part is not the dairy but the casein and whey. They are in all sorts of surprising things. I'm now taking a lot longer at the grocery store since I have to read every label. But it is so worth it. Maizy is already less fussy and sleeping better. And the best part is I hear her pain cry so much less! It can take up to 10 days for the dairy to get out of my system and 3-4 weeks for her intestines to heal. So we can continue to see symptoms until then. I'm really hoping that cutting dairy does the trick. If not next step is to cut out soy which is in everything! Fingers crossed.

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Rochelle and Spencer said...

Good luck Terina!! I had to cut dairy and soy with Larsen and it is doable. Just a lot of homemade dishes, which isn't so bad. I hope she continues to feel better and that you both can find some relief!!