Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meal Time

Croix is the messiest eater EVER!  He still refuses to use his silverware most of the time.  So then his hands are beyond messy.  Which he does not like.  So he will flap his hands to get the food off, which flings food all over.  He also now likes to roam and graze.  He'll eat a little get down, with his messy hands, touch a million things, then go back and eat some more.  Oh and of course every little morsel of food can be a car, train, or some other vehicle to drive (smear) all over the table.  This is seriously ridiculous!  He's almost THREE for heavens sake.  He should be able to sit, eat a meal, with silverware, and then go wash his hands.  After threatening for a week to get the high chair out of the garage and have him use that again (like a baby not a big boy) he's now dinning in a high chair again.  So far it's working much better.  Mess is contained to  his spot at the table not the enitre house.  I can wash him before he gets down, or send him straight to the bathroom to wash.  Now if only I could get him to use silverware!  (any great tips for that?)


Jessi said...

My son LOVED the cute silverware from ikea because its "Jaden-sized" as he calls it. Or find his favorite character at Target in kids dishes that he would love to use. That's what worked for my son.

Just US said...

You could also try rewarding him with a small candy. Maybe start out with encouraging him to eat 5 bites with whatever silverware and then work your way up to higher numbers. I have found some of my kids are picky about the size and texture of silverware. They don't like the plastic one but they like the REALLY small silverware or some that will only eat with the plastic animal silverware you can find in Wal-Mart or Target (usually by the paper plates). Good luck!