Sunday, July 15, 2012


At the hospital after Maizy was born her blood sugar was low. So they had to retest her a couple times to make sure it was at a good number. Thankfully it was and there wasn't any problems with that. But I just felt bad that my poor tiny baby had to be poked so much because I had gestational diabetes and so SHE was born with low blood sugar.

Then at her newborn check up with the pediatrician they thought she looked a little jaundice more pokes. There was a student nurse. The regular nurse asked if I minded if the student did the heel prick and got the blood for the jaundice test and newborn screen. I figured it was a heel prick not too complicated shouldn't be too hard to do so I said ok. Bad decision! Apparently it's not as easy as it sounds. She didn't poke Maizy in the best spot and was having a hard time getting the blood to come out. It was taking so long and poor Maizy was just screaming. She was trying to pull blood down from her leg by squeezing her leg and pumping it. She did a lousy job getting the blood in the vile. There was blood all over.  Then just as the vile was almost full she dropped it on the floor!  Thankfully at that point the regular nurse asked the student to step out and get a wet rag to wipe up all the blood and took over. Had she not said she would take over I would have told the student myself she was done practicing on my baby! She came back in and was on the floor cleaning up my sweet baby's blood and I kind of wanted to kick her in the face (I was sitting on the exam table with Maizy so I was well positioned to do so!) I did not, I also couldn't look at her with out shooting death/hate darts at her with my eyes so I just didn't make eye contact, I also just had no reply for her when she apologized, what was I supposed to say, oh that's ok you tortured my baby?  Don't think so. Instead I said nothing, rude? Maybe but not as rude as what I felt like saying! The regular nurse had to poke Maizy again and start all over. It was so traumatic for both of us! I learned my lesson my baby is not for practicing on! My Mother I Law, Corinne was with us. She's a nurse and thus has been a student nurse. When both nurses left I said "I should have said no!" She replied how she has to learn and how she hoped this didn't traumatized the nurse. Not what I wanted to hear but it was good for me to think of how that student nurse felt, probably pretty awful too. It didn't make me feel any better but it did make me want to kick her in the face less. Thankfully the test for jaundice came back fine and she hasn't had to be poked again. Three weeks later and her poor heels are just clearing up from all the poke marks!  

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