Saturday, July 14, 2012


***  I just saw this in a draft and so I'm posting it.  (It rained today, poured.   We still loved it.  Croix and I went to the grocery store and he loved using an umbrella, even though he didn't really need it any more :)

Rain is a rarity here in the dessert. We usually know its coming days in advance and it is awaited with great anticipation. Well the other day we had a surprise storm. Croix and I went out and sat in the sprinkles. I watered my tomato plants thinking that was all it was going to do. There was some thunder and Croix says "it sounds like scary" so I explained thunder and we got excited when we heard it.  Then it started to pour! We headed inside. Croix watched from the window and kept saying cool! We loved it!!! Ah how we love the rain in the dessert!

video of Croix and his umbrella :)


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