Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I must say Croix is completely smitten. He is such an amazing big brother! He wakes up in the morning and first thing wants is to come see baby Maizy. He asks to hold her all the time. And sometimes holds her without asking. Yesterday he picked her up and started walking across the room. I tried not to freak out. Just explain why he doesn't carry Maizy, that he needs to ask. I told him how much I love that he loves Maizy. And how much I love him. I'm trying to not tell him all the time not to do things, to, with, around Maizy. Which is difficult since he has a lot to learn. I think so far he's adjusting well. It's only been a week so we'll see how things keep going.

I feel a little like I've abandoned him. We spent so much time just the two of us, I miss that a little. He has been grumpier and throwing more tantrums. But he was also sick and up half the night just days before Maizy was born. And I'm sure he didn't sleep as well when he was at friends over night when we were in the hospital. He's had some bad naps due to schedule being off. Basically he's tired. So it's hard to say if the increase in grumpy tantrums is from being tired or acting out from the adjustment. Again time will tell.

Every time he sees her he says "oh she's so tiny". He loves to check out her hands and feet. He loves to give her kisses. He likes to help burp her, although can be a bit too enthusiastic about it. He likes to be close to her even if he's not holding her he wants to sit by her.  I love Croix and I love that he loves Maizy!
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Just US said...

Such cuties!! It be such a blessing and an area of stress when the older ones want to "help" with the little ones!