Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Awards Dinner

We were able to attend the City of Mesa Chamber of Commerce's 101st Annual Leadership Awards.  Brent was invited to attend on through SRP since he had attended in the Mesa Leadership classes last year.  He called me up and asked if we were free to go.  It worked out perfectly that my Mom was visiting and I was already planning a date night.  We just switched what nights.  They had a red carpet, we took advantage and had a little fun walking down the red carpet and being interviewed and having our photos taken.  It was super silly, but fun.  They also  had a photo booth.  How we produced such awkward photos is beyond me.  Seriously.  But I did grill the owner of the photo booth since it's something we've contemplated investing in.  Dinner was delicious just like last year.  We had some good laughs.  The awards seemed long, I got tired of clapping.  It was fun to go out.  We've been working on more regular date nights.  I've really enjoyed that.

Here is the one picture we are in that is up on their site.  We both look so bored!  Why can't I be smiling beautifully like the nice gentleman to Brent's left?  I'll have too keep my eye out and see if any more of us are posted, or if they post the red carpet interviews and pictures.

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