Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have tried multiple times, many times to do the whole throw your hair in a bun damp and it will fall out in perfect curls.  It never works.  On Friday I showered threw my hair up and dashed out the door, not a thought to the tresses on top of my head.  I slept in it that night, left it in the same bun all day Saturday, maybe pulled it out and readjusted it.  Sunday I went to get in the shower and I pulled my hair out.  There they were, the elusive effortless curls.  I hadn't tried at all and there it was, perfection!  I should have been thrilled, but instead I was irritated!  Why when I don't try did it work and WHY when I try my hardest it never works?  Crazy.  I did enjoy my beautiful effortless curls for the next two days though! 

 photo IMG_20130505_113415_397_zps66d731a8.jpg photo IMG_20130505_113354_810_zps110e7810.jpg

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