Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today we walked to preschool.  It was so windy!  I  think Heavenly Father felt I needed a harder work out then I had planned because I was fighting the wind the whole way there and chasing the stroller the whole way home!  Definitely upped the work out a bit.  I took a nap while Maizy napped.  It was so needed.  I've been sleeping horribly lately.  My neck has been having problems, hurting all the time, especially makes it difficult to sleep.  Combine that with Croix waking up early and I'm one tired Mama!  So a nap was heavenly!

Croix and I also worked on a project.  We spray painted a lamp yesterday.  Today we worked on scruffing it up.  I love how he likes to help with projects.  he told Brent all about it when he got home.  Of course his help only lasted so long, then he was digging in the rocks, while Maizy ate them.

 photo IMG_20130502_163507_137_zps128acf37.jpg photo IMG_20130502_163445_788_zpsff08b6d6.jpg

 photo IMG_20130502_163448_241_zps44be7273.jpg photo IMG_20130502_163451_513_zpsfcd4b2f4.jpg

Then at the dinner table Maizy was hitting her high chair tray.  We all started hitting the table when she hit her tray and stopping when she stopped.  She caught on very quickly and was laughing before too long.  We all were too!  Funny little game.  It was a fun dinner.  Then I got to slip out of the house and run some quick errands (can we say new pillow, maybe that will help my neck!).  When I came back Maizy was still up.  Little stink doesn't want to go to bed for anyone but me.  My Mom had to walk with her till she finally passed out from exhaustion.  This is not good!!!  And so goes down so well for me!  Bottle song and she's out.  Sigh.

Brent and I ended the evening watching The Office and Parks and Rec.  I'm so curious to see how the end The Office, it's the final season.  Strange how you can grow to care for characters so much. I remember being sad when Friends ended, like saying goodbye to old friends.  I think I'll feel a little that way about Pam and Jim and Dwight and the rest of the office.  And I wonder how Michael and Holly are.  Ok I'm going to stop wondering about fictional characters and go to bed now!

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Kristin & Ryan said...

I feel the same way about the office and was sad when friends ended as well.