Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Canyon Lake

My friend Heather invited us to go to Canyon Lake for lunch.  It was awesome.  The weather was perfect.  The water was nice and warm, the friends and company were delightful.  Our friends Heather and Chance invited us.  I invited Ali and her kids.  My Mom and Chelsea were in town so they came too.

 photo canyonLake7_zps21e9e8c5.jpg

 photo canyonLake9_zpsd7c03036.jpg

Chance, Brody and Croix has so much fun together Chance and Brody are almost the exact same age.  At first Croix wouldn't even go near the water, he just played with the sand.

 photo canyonLake11_zps5f305985.jpg

Then he put his feet in.

 photo canyonLake26_zps0f38aefc.jpg

 photo canyonLake29_zps5b42c485.jpg

 photo canyonLake30_zps03856233.jpg

Then a little of his legs

 photo canyonLake109_zpsdf9efcf3.jpg

 and before we knew it he was swimming around.

 photo canyonLake132_zps8dddab96.jpg

He had to tell us how fun it was

 photo canyonLake33_zps7c514ab0.jpg

 He had a blast with his little buddies.

 photo canyonLake46_zps1292161e.jpg

 photo canyonLake48copy_zpsd971b46a.jpg

At first Maizy wanted nothing to do with the water

 photo canyonLake81_zpsa4567a6a.jpg

First one foot, and then two

 photo canyonLake82_zpsc6c22a35.jpg photo canyonLake83_zpsefcb5dc9.jpg

Then she wanted to sit down

 photo canyonLake89_zpscba96369.jpg

But decided she didn't like that

 photo canyonLake90_zpsab4e74dd.jpg

We tried again a little later, still got the same splits then one foot result

 photo canyonLake103copy_zps0bb4a578.jpg photo canyonLake106_zps35d56a38.jpg

Aunt Chelsea had some fun too

 photo canyonLake112_zpsbadb8946.jpg

There was some frisbee throwing.

 photo canyonLake119_zpsafbfb4be.jpg

 photo canyonLake139_zps660c9d02.jpg

And a very happy little boy

 photo canyonLake128copy_zps7f3aaabd.jpg

We all enjoyed some watermellon, but Maizy loved it!

 photo canyonLake137_zpse628cdb6.jpg

When he came up to us on the blanket I asked him if he wanted to snuggle up with me in a nice dry towel and he said no he just wanted to stay a the lake longer.  I told him we needed to go home so Maizy could take a nap and his response "I know!  I have a great idea.  Maizy can just take a nap right here on the carpet"  He was referring to the blanket.  He's a cute boy.

 photo canyonLake149_zpsbedf2bff.jpg

I love him.

On the drive home Croix and Chance were playing with the sun hats.

 photo IMG_20130426_140207_531_zps3f93d40a.jpg

It was the perfect little day trip and we will definitely have to do it again!

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